Catwalk Maastricht & Fashionclash

The summer in Maastricht means there are all kinds of things happening around you, even if you’re just a bystander or passer-by who gets taken by surprise. Maybe that’s the best part of it. Not being aware at first, and then something emerges right in front of you!

Catwalk Maastricht at Mosae Forum
If you were in town and near the Mosae Forum in particular, the element of surprise could have been the Catwalk Maastricht and a Fashionclash Festival teaser.

Nico Bonfrère
Maastricht photographer Nico Bonfrère captured some of its finest moments:(click image for large version)

FASHIONCLASH Foundation is based in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and was founded in 2009 by ABK Maastricht alumni Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper and Els Petit. Since 2010 Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper and Laurens Hamacher are the leading managing and artistic team behind FASHIONCLASH.

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