A new bar in town! by Tracey Taylor

The Broth Bar opens on the 26th of September! It’s been documented that certain foods can have a direct impact on nutritional deficiencies that can in turn lead to dental issues and health problems. It’s also been shown that foods like broth, stews and fermented fruits can help digestion. And it’s places like The Broth Bar that clearly show there is an appetite for such a concept. Continue reading A new bar in town! by Tracey Taylor

HomeHandi by Tracey Taylor

HomeHandi is a fascinating enterprise and refreshingly unique online platform. With the possibility to order a variety of dishes prepared by some rather talented cooks, this is ethnic cuisine at its best. Homemade meals lovingly prepared with a peppering of passion and a serious dash of authenticity. So for foreign nationals who have chosen to live in Maastricht, it is comforting to know that it’s possible to get a flavour of home even when abroad. Continue reading HomeHandi by Tracey Taylor

Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (2)

Raymond Mirrer is a conceptual artist and filmmaker residing in Amsterdam. He grew up in Maastricht city, but has his roots in the former Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies. Raymond posted an article from Jeff Keasberry and his Dutch Indonesian Heritage Cuisine on Facebook, and since we’re enjoying near tropical temperatures this weekend, having an Indische Huzarensalade to come home to from running errands or a day at the beach, is a luxury everyone can afford. Continue reading Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (2)