Life in Maastricht has been part of social media communities since June 2015, covering news and stories about one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

For anyone interested in the “Mestreechter Geis”, the hospitable and characteristic Spirit of Maastricht, we try to find relevant news and interesting topics.

By launching a website, we hope to be able to create a platform and environment that invites our visitors to really take their time to read posts and articles without the many distractions of a social media format.

Update April, 2021. We were an English version of the original Leven in Maastricht page, creating new communities in one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. This English page was initially especially designed for expats and international students, but anyone else interested in the “Mestreechter Geis”, the hospitable Maastricht Spirit, is of course more than welcome to join and participate.
The website was on pause for a long period of time, but we’re planning to pick up where we left off. We’ll see what news and topics we’re going to cover, while we focus on the southern region and not just Maastricht City.
If you know of a video, photo or story you’d like to see featured on our page, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail with (a) link(s) and a brief explanation why Life in Maastricht is the right venue.
So, feel free to send us an email at lifeinmaastricht@gmail.com with suggestions, stories etc etc for Life in Maastricht. Thank you!

Photo: Art by Nop Briex | http://www.briex.eu

“news, stories, people and lifestyle for anyone with a Maastricht connection”

“The beauty of Maastricht is that it has a lot to offer without screaming for attention. When you get to know the city, it can offer you whatever you need at whatever time.” ~Birgitt Olislagers, creative entrepreneur