Donate for Stichting Animal’s Faith

For the holiday season, Stichting Animal’s Faith in Maastricht is sharing these fun coin tins with local and even international businesses and organizations, hoping customers and clients can find it in their hearts to share and donate some money for a very worthy cause: helping animals in need! Continue reading Donate for Stichting Animal’s Faith

Birgitt Olislager’s Maastricht

Birgitt Olislagers (26) is a young entrepreneur who spent the last eight years in Amsterdam. She is ready to return to her roots in Maastricht and Maastricht will certainly be ready to embrace this versatile and dynamic young woman. “The beauty of Maastricht is that it has a lot to offer without screaming for attention. When you get to know the city, it can offer you whatever you need at whatever time.” Continue reading Birgitt Olislager’s Maastricht