A new bar in town! by Tracey Taylor

The Broth Bar opens on the 26th of September! It’s been documented that certain foods can have a direct impact on nutritional deficiencies that can in turn lead to dental issues and health problems. It’s also been shown that foods like broth, stews and fermented fruits can help digestion. And it’s places like The Broth Bar that clearly show there is an appetite for such a concept. Continue reading A new bar in town! by Tracey Taylor

It’s easy with ACCESS!

Settling in to life in the Netherlands… It’s easy with ACCESS! By Tracey Taylor. “If you are an expat like me, then you’ll know the difficulties that come with moving to a new country. There are always going to be some pesky challenges to deal with – be it cultural differences, language barriers, getting to grips with the local lifestyle or simply finding your way around.” Continue reading It’s easy with ACCESS!