The Life in Maastricht Sketchbook Project

Life in Maastricht participates in The Sketchbook Project by trying to bring a collective of artists, illustrators and citizens together in one sketchbook for the New York library. Care to participate? Send us an email at Continue reading The Life in Maastricht Sketchbook Project

Birgitt Olislager’s Maastricht

Birgitt Olislagers (26) is a young entrepreneur who spent the last eight years in Amsterdam. She is ready to return to her roots in Maastricht and Maastricht will certainly be ready to embrace this versatile and dynamic young woman. “The beauty of Maastricht is that it has a lot to offer without screaming for attention. When you get to know the city, it can offer you whatever you need at whatever time.” Continue reading Birgitt Olislager’s Maastricht