Donate for Stichting Animal’s Faith


For the holiday season, Stichting Animal’s Faith in Maastricht is sharing these fun coin tins with local and even international businesses and organizations, hoping customers and clients can find it in their hearts to share and donate some money for a very worthy cause: helping animals in need! Belgian vet Greetje Bruninx, located just across the border with Maastricht, already supports various projects for animals in need. She is more than just your average vet, on her Facebook page she also shares animals that need a good home, or she posts lost cats and dogs so the owner is assured of more help in locating their lost pet. To have two coin tins in her office is too much of a good thing, but the Stichting Animal’s Faith coin tin can be found in the waiting room, so if you have to take your pet to the vet and need to wait a while, remember to donate a little bit for this wonderful shelter in Maastricht! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

You can scroll down for an embedded first post about these coin tins we posted yesterday!

Dierenarts Greetje Bruninx in Riemst (B) heeft een eigen spaarpotje voor dieren in nood in haar behandelkamer, want ze doet veel meer dan alleen patiënten in haar praktijk van juiste medische steun voorzien. Twee spaarpotjes naast elkaar, dat is misschien teveel van het goede voor de bezoekers. Ze wil echter graag helpen en zet de spaarpot voor Stichting Animal’s Faith (asiel en herplaatsing) dan ook prominent in de wachtkamer. Hartstikke tof van dierenarts Greetje, Maastrichtersteenweg 35a, 3770 Riemst (B).

2 thoughts on “Donate for Stichting Animal’s Faith

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I contribute to my own cat savior house, Touched by a Paw. I got my two kitties there and they are a no kill shelter. I have a $20 in my purse (I usually don’t have any money!) and I think I’ll stop there Saturday and give it to them. Thank you for the reminder.

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