A new bar in town! by Tracey Taylor

brothbarIt has already been two years in the making… And now, with just days to go, a rather unique business is about to open its doors in our fair city. And not just any business… this business is Broth. And Broth my friends, is good!

Team Broth

It’s the last day of August and as the late summer sun begins to fade, I find myself in a cozy courtyard in the heart of Wyck. I am there to meet with Charlotte van Loo who is one half of the business relationship that is bringing The Broth Bar to Maastricht.

With a background as a nutritionist, a vibrant passion is the first thing that strikes me about Charlotte as she shares the concept of The Broth Bar with me. I am fascinated by her staggering knowledge of healthy recipes, good ingredients and honest food.

Partnering Charlotte in this venture is Tanja Stevens, who has a background in naturopathy. The rest of The Broth Bar team is also assembled and ready-to-go and all staff members have a clear affinity with food and/or health.

Happy Tummies

brothThe Broth Bar will be a restaurant and a takeaway and the main product on offer will be: Broth!

Did you know that a simple broth is insanely good for you? It is nature at its very best!

The liquid form of broth is super easy for our bodies to digest and as such, aids in the absorption of essential nutrients. Broth also has the ability to give a health boost if you’ve been under-the-weather, to help your immune system and to reduce stress.

Let them eat Broth

The leading theme for The Broth Bar will be nutrition. Basic nutrition… Something that, shockingly enough, we often lack in our modern lives, diets and routines. From the menu that will be on offer to the way meals are prepared, the key words are natural and quality. The recipes used will not be fussy and will not contain a huge number of ingredients either.

It’s simple honest goodness all the way!


Menu Matters

It’s important to mention that The Broth Bar will offer their healthy menu to everyone. From meat lovers to vegans… and everything in between! Choices on offer include breakfast, lunch, broths, stews, small bites and pastries… the list goes on. Food intolerances or dietary restrictions e.g. gluten-free can also be catered for and you can always ask any member of staff for advice.

Shop Local

rawpieAny meat used will be sourced locally from organically grass-fed and/or free-range animals, and nothing will be wasted. Next to that, fruits that are perhaps not “perfectly formed” will not be rejected but will instead be used to make delicious jams, preserves and pies. There will also be a strong focus on fresh herbs and organic vegetables, with a keen interest in fair-trade products for items that are sourced outside South Limburg.


You are what you eat

It’s been documented that certain foods can have a direct impact on nutritional deficiencies that can in turn lead to dental issues and health problems. It’s also been shown that foods like broth, stews and fermented fruits can help digestion.

These days with social media and commercials constantly bombarding us, it’s no wonder we can become “victims” of marketing and buy-in to the “goodness” that many processed foods claim to contain. That said it does seem that more & more of us are now looking for “better” food with which to nourish ourselves.

And it’s places like The Broth Bar that clearly show there is an appetite for such a concept.


A feast for the eyes

The aim of Charlotte, Tanja and team is to create a sort of oasis of happiness! And by this I mean décor and vibe. The Broth Bar will offer a relaxed interior with lots of wood, natural light, comfy seating and a warm feel. There will be an open kitchen that is always cool to see, and an equally cool “Grow Wall” proudly housing herbs and the like.


A special mention must go to the team from InterAlter interior architects who came up with the design for the premises.

Broth Buddies

With the finishing line now in sight, I asked Charlotte what the main challenges were in bringing The Broth Bar to life. “Finding the right location was an essential part of our plan” Charlotte says “and having sufficient space along with a terrace area plus easy access to parking were also vital components”, she adds.

And based on what I’ve seen, they’ve struck gold. Charlotte is delighted with the collaboration with the building’s owner Mr. van Zandbeek and she would also like to thank Simone Brouwer who is the estate agent who helped find the premises.

Like a Broth to the flame

Well I don’t know about you but I am starting to get some serious hunger pangs, peppered with a greedy curiosity. I will certainly be winging my way to Wyck when The Broth Bar opens… Next week! I am eager to check out this unique spot, to see the team in action and to enjoy some of the healthy and nutritional dishes that will surely warm the heart and feed the soul.


In Broth we Trust!




Hoogbrugstraat 43A, 6221 CP Wyck Maastricht

Opening times:
Th: 08:00-20:00
Sa-Su: 09:00-18:00

traceyAbout the author: Tracey Taylor is a writer who loves food, wine and life in Limburg. Originally from Ireland, she now lives in Maastricht with Dave and their fancy cat, Tubbs.

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