Find treasures at Antique Village

Facebook has this option called Marketplace. I discovered it by chance and browsed within 10 kilometers of Maastricht. People post things for sale, and often there’s really cool stuff to be found, at a fair price. One of the folks who sells items on Marketplace, is Kevin. He posted a bundle of wooden fruit crates for sale, the kind of crate you can use outside as well as indoors, for multiple storage purposes. Kevin has a new vintage retro store which is opening on September 1, to be exact: Antique Village, in Gronsveld, which is just a few kilometers from Maastricht city.

20170826_145813Needless to say, we got ourselves some of those crates and will turn them into some nice additions for our household! And there is a lot more to see at Kevin’s place. His aim is to focus on retro and vintage, but because he took over from someone else, there are still other bric-a-brac objects to be found!

You’re welcome to come see for yourself at Antique Village, Overbroek 24 in Gronsveld!

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