Animal’s Faith: June’s Story

People in the Eyldergaard neighborhood of Maastricht were concerned. They heard a cat meow and it didn’t sound good. The cat also looked a bit scruffy. So they posted an appeal for help on social media. Liz Wolting, owner of an allround animal service Animal’s Faith, said the cat was welcome at the animal shelter of her foundation Stichting Animal’s Faith. Dagmar Barger and Odet Rothenburg-Buijs immediately came into action and drove to the location with a special cage. The cat could be caught easily and was transported to Animal’s Faith where she will be examined by a vet.

She was given the name June.

The foundation Animal’s Faith relies completely on gifts and donations from the public. If you would like to help, you can donate via IBAN: NL32ABNA0409082740, Stichting Animal’s Faith in Maastricht with the description “for June”. On her behalf, thank you!

June’s rescue: (click on image for large version)

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