One week: register for Tihange demo!

One more week before the human chain against Tihange will demonstrate just how many people oppose the nuclear threat to our society and health! It’s been touch and go for this international demonstration, but Rob Hoenen, one of driving forces behind the protest against Tihange since day one, is optimistic: “We still have one more week until June 25 and are confident we will succeed. There was a significant amount of time lost due to the administrative hold-up, but we’re happy the province of Limburg and the municipalities came round and decided to take their responsibility on behalf of their citizens, just in time.”

It’s recommended for people to register, which will help the organizing committees to coordinate the demonstration without any disturbances.

You can register HERE

The Stop Tihange group is very pleased with the public support of the following ambassadors from Limburg: Karel Majoor (former mayor of Herten, Meerssen and Weert), Fernand Jadoul (Honorary Consul Luxemburg), Maurice Nijsten (Film and Television Producer) and Henk Erinkveld (Dean of the Convent Wittem).

And there’s more noise in the rest of the Netherlands. Peer de Rijk, director of WISE (World Information Service on Energy): “The FNV, largest trade union in the Netherlands, made an appeal to all their members, so did political parties SP, Partij voor de Dieren and GroenLinks. D66 and the ChristenUnie support the initiative. Patagonia Clothing in the Netherlands are sponsoring bus trips to the demo locations.”

Maastricht cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer translated the issue in a cartoon for an article in the regional newspaper:

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