Getting married in Maastricht!

The four ladies in the picture above have a great job! They make people smile and happy. Marian Schulpen, Anja Senden, Resi Urlings and Zoe Veugen handle the marriages on Monday, they’re part of a whole team of marriage officiants in Maastricht city.

The Facebook page Trouwen in Maastricht (Getting married in Maastricht) shows nothing but smiling people, and great locations.

Falling in love
If marriage is what you aspire, then Maastricht for certain, is a great place to tie the knot. Some marriage officiants speak multiple languages, so if you’re not from around here or not from the Netherlands, you can still have a joyous wedding at city hall, or any location you’d prefer. Many folks who are getting married in town, fell in love with each other in Maastricht. They also fell in love with the city. Who wouldn’t!

Free marriage
And if you’re a cheap skate, you can even get married for free, on Mondays! Just kidding, of course. But not about the free wedding, because that’s what it is. Free of charge! It can also be very romantic, just the two of you and not a lot of fuss.

You’ll have one of the four charming ladies in the picture above as your wedding registrar. If you need witnesses, you can rent or hire them for a fee from the municipality. As if it’s a last-minute-decision spur-of-the-moment kind of wedding. Couldn’t get more spontaneous! And it will only take 10 minutes to get married. It will be so fast, you may be out on the cobbled streets before you know it, and wondering if you said “I do.” “I did”? Yes you did!

Some national statistics
Society in 2017 is not the same as it was in the 1950s when 83.110 marriages were registered at city hall. Getting married spiked in the 1970s with 123.631 marriages, despite for the sexual revolution and hippies era. The number of couples getting married in recent years is fairly constant. In 2016, 65.249 couples pledged I do, of which 665 were male and 771 female couples. The number of same sex marriages is slowly increasing since 2010.
(source: CBS)

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