International Psychologist Veskioja

birgitveskiojaMy name is Birgit Veskioja. I am an English, Estonian-speaking psychologist based in Maastricht. I want to help the international community in the Maastricht region with their psychological and personal problems. I work with individuals but also with families. I am a registered psychologist in Netherlands and a member of The Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP).

In 2012 I graduated from Tallinn University with a Master’s in Psychology with a specialisation in Counselling Psychology. As a minor specialisation I completed art therapy studies. In addition I have developed myself in the Netherlands at the University of Maastricht. In 2010 I completed a life coaching intensive course, which is based on solution based short therapy and in 2012 I completed the basic training in cognitive behavioural therapy. In my work I use cognitive behavioural, art therapy as well as solution based therapy methods and mindfulness techniques.

In the summer of 2015 I moved back to Maastricht. In 2011 I was studying at Maastricht University for one semester. Back then when I was a student I liked to live in Maastricht and I enjoyed the city vibe and the atmosphere.

Moving back to Maastricht hasn’t been a easy decision: you’re moving away from your home country and not speaking enough Dutch has made it even more difficult, especially in finding a job.

During the time where I tried building up working experience as a psychologist and trying to improve my Dutch language skills in different Dutch Mental Health Care companies, I started to realise that I couldn’t be the only international person in Maastricht coping with this situation. Living abroad can sometimes be quite stressful and can bring up different life questions: how to find my place in this new society; do I want to raise my children here; do I want to move back to my home country; etc.

Recently I started my own business called International Psychologist Veskioja.

The idea behind it is to make the international community feel welcomed in the Maastricht area and in The Netherlands. I think the international community should help and support each other. Searching and asking for support can be something for which many people are afraid and ashamed of. But support could be very important and maybe is something what people need the most.

The most common problems I work with:
Relationship problems
Entering a new phase in your life
Adjustment disorders
Stress and burnout
Depression and fatigue
Body image and self-esteem
Sleeping problems
Cultural adjustment difficulties
Mood regulation
Facing new challenges

For families I offer parenting counselling and art therapy workshops.

More information: or contact Birgit Veskioja by phone: +31 6 45180625 and e-mail:

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