The First Taste of Summer  in Maastricht 


Maastricht is the city nearest to where I have lived for the past 8 months or so. Today was a perfect taste of summer. Warm and breezy, beautiful bouncy clouds. We stopped into the new Dr Martens store and listened to some terrible live music in the main square.

The Basilica of Our Lady in Maastricht

Looking out over the Maas River, splitting the city down the middle

The flag of Charlemagne flying through the walking streets, I’m not sure of the occasion but this is the heart of the Carolingian Empire, Charlemagne was crowned an hour away in Aachen.

I’m so happy about First Summer, this free app describes the micro seasons of ancient Japan and it perfectly captures the minute details of the changing seasons. There are illustrations, poems and seasonal celebrations and foods.

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