Listen to BoldR on Spotify!

•••Listen to BoldR on Spotify•••

“BoldR is ready for a new audience! Our new album This Is Where We Are is available on every streaming and music site. ENJOY. And if you like it, feel free to share with your friends.”

Raf Koene, guitarist and founder of BoldR: “My idea was to find a way to blend pop music with jazz, and to complete it with great backing vocals and some cool guitar soloing. We are very proud of the result! Along with Guido, Andreas, Ton and many others, we have worked very hard these past two years. Now we finally have an album to share with you. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all our extraordinary music friends. I hope you’re as thrilled about our new music as we are. Please let us know via Facebook what you think, and watch our website! We will soon go LIVE with Pim Dross on drums and John Muskiet on bass.”


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