Honey for a lost bumble bee

Marianne (46) was born in Maastricht but brought up in a nearby village, Eijsden. Living rural ignited her fascination and love for animals and anything related to nature, so it’s no surprise she lives in the countryside, not far from Maastricht city.

Marianne and her husband found an old house they refurbished brick by brick, with a sizable piece of land to grow their own fruit and vegetables and keep some livestock. There’s one senior cat, and a dozen very happy and affectionate chickens with one beautiful rooster.

For a couple of years now, Marianne and her husband have been keeping bees, but it’s hard work and unfortunately their hives don’t always make it. That’s why she decided to also provide space for solitary bees, by making her own bee-hotels from scratch.

Marianne will soon share some of her knowledge for our Life in Maastricht readers and show us how you can help save the bees, so they remain a part of our environment. In the meantime, do enjoy this little video and photographs of a bumble bee she found trapped in her house, weakened because it hadn’t eaten. She took the bumble bee outside and let it drink honey from a spoon.

You can click each image for a larger version.

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