En Bateau De Renoir Sur La Meuse A Maestricht

He describes his work as hyper neo impressionism.
Dutch artist Nop Briex was born in the south of Limburg, in Beek, which is a small village close to the city of Maastricht. He studied at The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts. His love and affection for Maastricht and its people is reflected in 150 works of art so far!

Happens so, that the cover photo we used for our Facebook page, and now the About page, is his work of art. And a playful clever one, have you found out why yet?

We will gladly feature some of Nop’s work here on Life in Maastricht from time to time and extend an open invitation to artists of all trades to use our CONTACT form at the top of this page if they’d like to join our growing Life in Maastricht community!

J.P. Minckelers, inventor of illumination gas | by Nop Briex

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